RDT Engineering

RDT Engineering and consulting services

Manufacturing of Mining Equipment, Conveyor Belt Repair Material
and Protective Coating Systems.

RDT Engineering and consulting services

RDT Engineering and consulting services

Manufacturing of Mining Equipment, Conveyor Belt Repair Material
and Protective Coating Systems.


A two component, room temperature repair compound packaged in convenient 200ml x 200ml as wel as 750ml x 750ml dual cartridges.

U-Repair is dispensed through an easy to use plural dispensing gun. Cure shore hardness is 60A.

Conveyor Belt Repair

Normac offers a range of adhesives and primers used to bond various Sprayable Urethanes, Polyureas, Castable Urethanes and Urethane repair materials to a wide variety of substrates


Normac’s revolutionary application process for all of our 100% Solids Sprayable Polyurethane Coating Systems.

This application method consists of a hand held, air supplied pneuatic deal cartridge dispenser complete with a patented spray nozzle and air manifold.




Normac Coating Systems are true Elastomers like Rubber. 100% Solids – Room temperature cure The physical properties are formulated to handle the harshest Abrasion and Wear problems in Mining and Industry.

Normac U Repair


Ideal for rapid IN-SITU field coatings repairs and workshop use. Unique system replaces the use of expensive spray systems!


Ultra Chemical Cold Bond Adhesive

Normac 900E ULTRA is one of our new non-Trichloroethvlene based chloroprene rubber adhesive products that offer improved bond strengths and cold weather performance over our competitor’s traditional two-part products.

Polyurethane Coatings and Repair Technologies

At RDT Engineering, we are proud to be the authorized distributor/agent for Normac. Our partnership alliance for Africa opens up a world of possibilities, offering mining and market applications for our top-of-the-line product line. We’ve got you covered from durable coatings to reliable repairs and adhesive cements.

normac na-900e

NA-900E Cold Bond Rubber Cement

A powerful and convenient solution for repairing and fabricating rubber conveyor belting, parts, and sheeting. This chloroprene-based cement is perfect for creating rubber linings on various surfaces like steel, fiberglass, concrete, and wood.

With its high strength adhesion and user-friendly open time, this non-trichloroethylene CFC free cement can be used for static or dynamic applications.

The best part? No heat, pressure, or special equipment required. Get ready to tackle your rubber bonding needs effortlessly with NA-900E Cold Bond Rubber Cement.

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UR 60 SLF Conveyor Belt repair System

Fast, Reliable UR-60SLF Conveyor Belt Repairs in one hour.

Get your material processors up and running quickly with this self-levelling, fast-curing Polyurethane patch material.

With a long-lasting formula, it provides reliable repairs for conveyor belting and supporting parts.

Our convenient packaging and dual cartridge dispensing system make mixing a breeze.
When used with primer, this material effectively adheres to rubber, polyurethane, and PVC belting materials.

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SFLP-Spray Applicator

SFLP-Spray Applicator

The cost-effective solution for applying our polyurethane coatings. With its advanced features like flexible mixing ratios, adjustable flow rate, and low pressure processing, this portable machine is perfect for both job-site and in-shop use.

Discover more about the SFLP-Spray Applicator on our Resources Page and watch the video demo.

Say goodbye to expensive application methods and say hello to efficiency and convenience with the NORMAC SFLP Processing Machine.

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normac adhesive products

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Normac Adhesive Products

Since introducing their first polyurethane protective coating in 1970, industries throughout the world have come to rely on NORMAC protective coatings and repair technologies to maximise the life and production of their industrial equipment.

Continuous innovation in product formulation and application makes NORMAC the ideal partner for any industry that demands better protection and repair solutions to extend the service life of their equipment. Businesses in virtually every industry sector have turned to Normac for their material handling protection and repair.

  • Because they can’t afford any productivity lag in their operations, let alone an unexpected shutdown.
  • Because they have specialised needs that require customised solutions.
  • And because they want to save time and money without sacrificing quality.
RDT Engineering and consulting services

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